Mark Your Calendar and Post Your #sunglassselfie

National Sunglasses Day is set for June 27th and the summertime sun means you will most definitely need a pair of shades to protect your eyes. But what about your kids’ eyes? How often do you see kids playing out in the bright sun without any kind of eye protection?


Most kids are too busy enjoying summer fun to think about how their eyes might be at risk, so take advantage of the kids being out of school and work on a science lesson about the importance of UV protection for their eyes.


Post a pick of your family rocking their shades and use #sunglassselfie and #nationalsunglassesday to be a part of the movement!

UV Protection – Not Just for Adults

Whether a child or an adult, there are a few ways to know if your eyes might be damaged by UV radiation. If you or your child has bloodshot or swollen eyes, or if light makes your eyes feel hyper-sensitive you may have suffered intense UV exposure.


Unfortunately for kids, the lens in their eyes cannot filter out UV rays as easily as adults, which results in the rays too easily reaching their retina. Also, kids receive three times the amount of annual sun exposure as adults, putting their eyes even more at risk.


The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect their eyes:

  • Limit outdoor exposure for kids between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., especially on sunny days. This is when the UV radiation is strongest.
  • Make sure kids’ grab a pair of sunglasses anytime they head outdoors, no matter what time of year it is and whether it is sunny or cloudy.

Our Handy Guide Can Help Protect Your Kids’ Eyes

Need help choosing the right shades for your kids or talking to them about the importance of protecting their eyes? We’ve developed this helpful guide – “UV Damage and Children: Signs, Symptoms and Prevention Tools.”

Download the guide and grab your shades before you head outside to enjoy a sun-filled summer day!