Low Vision Exams

After a regular eye exam, you may be referred to a low vision professional that specializes in low vision for a low vision exam. During this exam, they will ask questions about your medical history and your optical history. Family history of eye diseases and your personal history of eye injury or vision problems will also be discussed.

Following an assessment of your ocular history, your eye care professional may then measure some or all of the following:

  • Visual acuity using a low vision test chart
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Visual field (peripheral vision)
  • Depth perception
  • Ocular response to glare

They may also administer a glaucoma test and dilate the eyes to get a better view of the back of the eye.

The goals of the low vision exam include assessing the visual system, screening for ocular and systemic diseases and prescribing low vision systems and therapies. Education and counseling for the patient, family and other care providers should also be a part of the exam process. This will help to provide an understanding of your state of vision and offer directions for further evaluations and treatments.