Readers and Sun Readers

Reading glasses are glasses with a lens power, magnification, or strength, typically ranging from +1 to +4, to aid with up-close reading. They are a great option for those who do not mind slipping on a different pair of glasses for up-close viewing, or those who only require one prescription. Similarly, sun readers are available in the same magnifications or strengths, but offer protection against the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, as well as a solution for those who have trouble seeing fine print.

Find the Right Pair

Individuals should not purchase new glasses without first having an eye exam to make sure they are purchasing glasses with lenses that are right for their unique set of eyes. During an eye exam an eyecare provider checks to see if an individual requires prescription lenses, reading glasses, or lenses that help alleviate the symptoms felt from digital devices, as well as look for signs of common eye diseases, assess how the eyes work together, and evaluate the eyes as indicators of overall health.

Once you and your eyecare provider determine the right lens solution for you, it is time to pick out a pair. When purchasing readers, individuals should keep the following key tips in mind:

  • Fit matters! Remember that readers should be in proportion to the face, and opposites attract in terms of frame and face shapes. The silhouette of the eyewear should contrast with the shape of the face.
  • Starting a collection is key. Why only one pair? Having multiple pairs not only allows you to switch up your style, but helps you still have options if you misplace a pair so you never have to go without. Consider keeping pairs at home, at the office, in the car, in your purse/briefcase, or whereever a reading opportunity presents itself.
  • Know your vision needs. Visit your eyecare provider for a comprehensive annual eye exam to find out what lens strength your eyes require.
  • Stay in tune with your style. Every individual naturally gravitates toward a specific style and shops accordingly. You should maintain that mindset when it comes to snagging readers to ensure your new pairs stay in line with your unique look.

Keep Style in Mind

Readers and sun readers are a great opportunity to play up personal style or to add something new to an existing eyewear wardrobe. Whether you prefer classic elements like aviator silhouettes, keyhole bridges, staple black and brown colorations or you are up for trying trendy oversized profiles, unexpected color-blocking, and fun embellishments, there is a frame for you.