Do You Have a Vision Care Plan?

Sometimes called vision insurance or vision benefits, a vision care plan is generally offered separately from your standard health insurance and provides discounts related to eye exams and prescription glasses or contact lenses.  If you receive health benefits through your employer, you should ask your benefits administrator if you have a separate vision care plan. If you don’t, there are several companies that provide coverage that you can purchase on your own.  Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid often have vision benefits, so check with your provider or your state to find out what is covered.

What is the Difference Between Health Insurance and Vision Care Plans?

Some eye care needs may be covered by general health insurance, but usually those are limited to emergency needs like eye injury or eye care related to a medical condition like diabetes. A vision care plan helps reduce the cost of regular or routine eye care by providing a discount on eye exams, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses.

Have Vision Care Plans Changed Due to COVID-19?

In response to COVID-19, some vision care plans are now covering telehealth appointments. Whether you have an in-person appointment or a telehealth visit, your doctor will likely complete a pre-screening by phone or in your car before your appointment. This pre-screening will include a review of your benefits and what you may be expected to pay for at the end of your appointment. If not, be sure to ask! The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some changes to eye care coverage for people who have Medicare or Medicaid. Check the official government websites for the latest updates on coverage: and

No Vision Care Plan? No problem!

Maybe you haven’t signed up for a vision care plan, but that doesn’t mean your eye health has to suffer. While vision care plans offer money saving discounts, you do not need to have vision insurance to get an eye exam. Use our eye doctor locator to find a doctor near you  and  call ahead to find out about the cost of an eye exam. If you need vision correction, there are eyewear options at all price points. Whether you are a budget-conscious shopper or looking for high-end fashion, there is a solution out there for you!