Fall colors

Let’s See Those True Colors

Soon the leaves will begin to fall, but before they do, don’t miss the rainbow of colors they turn as summer draws to a close. Are colors looking a little less vibrant? Are the individual leaves a little harder to make out? Your first stop should be your eyecare provider to discuss solutions for achieving life changing color and clarity. There are even products on the market that can help with color vision deficiency, commonly called color blindness.

Give Glare the Boot

If you’re on a quest to enjoy all the sights of fall and head out for a Sunday drive or walk at sunset, you may face glare and reduced visibility. Get prepared before heading into the great outdoors by choosing glasses with anti-reflective treatment to cut down glare or progressive lenses for comfortable vision at all distances. And if you’re sporting contacts instead, polarized sunglasses can still help reduce glare-causing reflections whether you’re driving or walking.

Visiting the pumpkin patch

Don’t Let Dry Eyes Ruin the Fun

If you’re planning a trip to the pumpkin patch this fall don’t let the dirt and hay get in your way. Spending more time outdoors combined with dreaded fall allergies can lead to uncomfortably dry and itchy eyes. First things first – don’t rub your eyes! While it’s tempting to ease the itch, rubbing your eyes could cause more harm than good. Sometimes a simple warm compress can ease your discomfort, but if it becomes a recurring nuisance, then a trip to your eye doctor to discuss eye drops or other solutions may be in order. No matter the activity, there is likely a solution available to help you see more clearly and comfortably.

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