Activity: Hole in the Hand

Have you ever wondered how optical illusions really work? Or if you’re a parent, have you ever been stumped by your kid wanting you to explain one? Here’s a brief explanation of how some of them work and a great activity to do with your kids for illustration.

Download the Hole in the Hand activity


Activity: Seeing Colors in the Dark

Seeing the various colors across the spectrum is actually much more scientific than people may know. Your eyes and brain do a lot of work to help you define how you see colors (or don’t) and factors outside of your body, like lighting, can make a big difference.

Download the Seeing Colors in the Dark activity

Activity: Your Blind Spot Right in Front of You

We most often think of blind spots when we are driving. It’s obvious because there are pieces of the car in the way or the mirrors don’t quite cover everything. But did you know you actually have a blind spot right in front of you? It’s true.

Download the Blind Spot activity.

Activity: Pupil Size Change

Have you ever noticed how the small black dot in the middle of your eye changes size? When you wake up in the middle of the night and flip a light on, does it take a moment for you to be able to see properly? These two occurrences are actually related to one another.

Download the Pupil Size activity