Running: The Radar EV Paths by Oakley are one of our favorite pairs of sunglasses for runners. With lenses that can withstand extreme conditions and a tall frame that extends the runner’s range of view, these sunglasses offer UV protection without getting in the way. Better yet still, with rainbow lenses and a sleek profile, these shades ensure that you will look cool on and off the track. As for the environmental impact, Oakley is committed to sourcing at least 50% more sustainable cotton by 2025 and further investing in the production of renewable energy close to their manufacturing plants.

Water Sports: These Makaha-405ms by Maui Jim are one of the most popular pairs of protective eyewear for those who spend time on the water. With a lightweight, durable frame and lenses that protect against both UV rays and the harsh glare of the water, these sunglasses are a perfect fit for sailors, water skiers, and the like. Further, Maui Jim has a strong commitment to sustainability, committing to donate more than $1 million to the local Maui community and recycling all of their lens and frame waste.

Cycling: Smith’s Wildcats are known for their comfortable and versatile fit, making them a favorite amongst cyclists. Not only do the lenses protect against UV rays, but they also have the protection and coverage of goggles in an easy to wear style. An added bonus? Their futuristic shape ensures that you are both sun safe and on-trend, and the Smith CORE commitment means that you can rest assured that the company is doing its part for the environment, too. The company is moving towards a discontinuation of all plastic waste across new packaging of winter sports and eyewear products.

Golf: Nike’s Windshield Elite Pro sunglasses are a top choice for golfers. These glasses offer 100% UV A and UV B protection, with a streamlined, ultra-lightweight frame and wrap around lenses to ensure these shades stay put as you traverse the course. And to sweeten the pot? They come in multiple colors, and Nike has committed to incorporating recycled materials to reduce its environmental impact.

Racquet Sports: Many racquet sport enthusiasts complain that sunglasses don’t stay put, but we’d argue that they just haven’t found the right pair yet. These Bolt sunglasses by Bolle are an excellent pick. Not only will they help you rock the Spy Kids inspired trend, but reviews say they block the sun’s rays without throwing off depth perception. Bolle’s sustainability commitments are almost as cool as these shades! Their products use 100% recycled or bio-based nylon plastic parts and eco-designed packaging.

Save: The OGs by Goodr come in almost every color imaginable, have a nonreflective lens to reduce glare, and a no slip frame, all for the low-price of $25. Runners, outdoorsmen, athletes, and normal folks alike all agree: these sunglasses offer plenty of bang for their buck. And despite being one of the most affordable pairs of glasses on this list, Goodr has some of the most impressive environmental commitments around. The brand has sunglasses made from 100% recycled plastic, and as a member of 1% For The Planet, they’re also climate neutral and donate 1% of their annual proceeds to verified nonprofits that support the earth and animals.